Where To Find Great Coffee In Indonesia

I have been spending some time in Indonesia and decided to check out some local coffee shops here. The coffee scene is booming in Indonesia, it actually seems like there is a coffee shop everywhere you look and they are NOT Starbucks. LOL! I have seen coffee shops across the street from coffee shops and then another on the corner, but which ones are the best? I have visited a few, and here is my take on some of the best so far.

Terroir Coffee & Eat

Price $$$

Terroir Coffee & Eat has been established since 2017 and used to be garden in the owners back yard. The owner’s name is Rizqi Saputra and he is very accommodating, and his staff is very friendly and eager to help. Rizqi is not only the owner of this amazing coffee shop and eatery, but he is also a certified diving instructor, and teaches through PADI DIVING. If you are living in Indonesia and love to dive, or you will be staying in Indonesia and would like to learn how to dive be sure to stop by Terroir Coffee to meet the man himself. He teaches Diving in Gili Trawangan, Lombok.

The inspiration behind the coffee shop and restaurant was spawned by his mothers trip to Toraja, Sulawesi. Toraja is the largest region for growing coffee in Sulawesi and the Island alone is one of the largest in Indonesia. Having just a coffee shop was not enough. The high demand for a good place to eat in the neighborhood for the local business workers and socialites alike was enough to decide there needs to be food and not just coffee. Now when I say they have amazing food, boy do I mean it. I have eaten at many Indonesian restaurants and so far Terroir Coffee & Eat is number one!

At Terroir Coffee and Eat you will feel the relaxing and inviting atmosphere right away, walking through the intricate carved door you will feel welcomed and appreciated. There are so many comfortable places to sit, like in the corner by the tree growing right through the middle of the restaurant. The outside seating area is great if you want to sit in the shade and relax next to the “Jack fruit ” tree, or if you want to enjoy a seat with all your friends at one of their picnic style tables, they have it all. you can have a privet event or a meeting which can be done with the convince of using the conference room on the second floor. Here you can have your very own karaoke party or watch a film with your friends, perhaps you have a presentation for your out-of-town clients. Maybe there is a training course you would like to give, but have no room? All of this is possible at Terroir Coffee & Eat by contacting Tasya Ellen @ +6285281545687 for more information.

Let’s talk about the food, one of their signature dishes is Nasi Goreng, this dish was the best I have had in Jakarta when it comes to Nasi Goreng. The dish comes with fried rice, egg, chicken “katsu” cutlet, vegetables and amazing spices. The next dish I tried was Ayam Bakar, this dish had so many flavors roaming through my mouth I couldn’t stop eating it. If it wasn’t for the other dishes coming I would have ordered this dish again! Ayam Bakar is a grilled piece or chicken with a base rub of all types of spices and a touch of BBQ flavor. The dish is accompanied with a sambal which is a mix of spices very common here in Indonesia and can be very hot if your not used to it.


And finally we have the last and certainly not the least, because I plan on going back, but we have the Ox tail soup which was a featured dish and it’s name in Indonesian is ” Sop Buntuo “. The broth for this soup was so rich and flavorful with lots of vegetables and a healthy piece of Ox tail. The Ox tail was tender and such a treat that I just wanted more and more. LOL!! There is something comforting in a good soup or well cooked meal that makes me feel all warm and good inside.


Moving on to the coffee and tea which is probably what you have been waiting for……am I right? Well good then you are in for a treat when I tell you I had the most perfect well balanced coffee made to my liking. The coffee was prepared as a manual poor, which in my opinion is one of the best ways to make coffee. The coffee I had the privilege to try a Single Origin Coffee called ” Geisha Sunda ” blend from Ethiopia, this coffee has been producing for hundreds of years and I’m talking the same plantation, same plant for generation after generation. The batch I tried was the 3rd batch of this particular coffee or 3rd generation, it was brought to Indonesia by the Dutch.

Taste: Citrus, Light Apple flavor, Little bit of white Jasmine and an earthy taste to it, also had flowery notes to it. There was also a light taste of chocolate ” in my opinion ” and I loved it.

Acidity: This was light, but I also recommended it to be light.

Flavor: The flavor was medium not too bold.

This was just ONE of the many coffees offered here at Terroir Coffee & Eat, I was also given the opportunity to try a tea that is an exclusive to Indonesia. The name is Bunaken Blue Tea & WOW this was good! It is made from a native flower “Telang” and is combined with lemongrass and white tea. It is very cool and refreshing and the color is absolutely stunning. Savis is the brand which makes the tea and has been around for many years. This is the featured tea for this month and next month will be a ” White Tea ” of the owners choice. Tea like this is usually produced with the finest exotic herbs and flowers, lemongrass, cinnamon, cardamon, clove and pandan leaf as well as fruits. The taste of this tea will surely give you a taste of Indonesia!

Map to Terrior Coffee & Eat! Click HERE

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Teduh Coffee

Price $

If you love to enjoy the outdoors while listening to some good music with good vibes, you should check out Teduh Kopi. This local coffee shop is off the beaten path but so worth it when you get there. The prices are very affordable and are priced for the local community in and around Jakarta. They have apparel to sell if you are looking for a cool shirt to take home as a souvenir or gift for a friend. The owner of this neat little coffee shop’s name is Fiat and if you didn’t know he was the owner you could possibly mistake him for a college student or perhaps a customer. He is a charming young man who likes to take care of his customers. While I was there the Barista took great care of us, his name is Arif and makes an amazing cappuccino.

The name of the coffee shop which is Teduh Kopi which translates to “Shady Coffee” on the account that the place is outdoors for the most part and covered with shade. The outside area has a large family style table in the middle with a Love seat off to back. The decor is very hipster, but not pretentious and very eco-freindly by using recycled materials to create the decor. When you venture into the “inside area” this is where you will find a coffee bar and a set of sofas to relax and enjoy your time. You can pick up anyone of their games and have a go, or maybe you would like to play one of the guitars available for use.

Now for the coffee I tried, This was a great cappuccino.

Taste: The beans were Ethiopian Harrar beans which makes up a pretty interesting flavor for coffee, The Harrar bean is an Arabica bean and the Arabica bean is one of the most commonly used worldwide. The taste was smooth yet bitter and together with the milk it all came together.

Acidity:Light Acidity and highly caffeinated robusta bean makes up the preponderance of the balance.

Flavor:The flavor all together was that of bitter cherries and flowery sweetness and overtones of Mocha

This is one of those places that when your here, your home. If you plan on coming to Indonesia, Jakarta especially then I would say Teduh coffee would be a nice visit for you. If you already live in Jakarta then you should definitely look up this place for a visit.

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GoodNews Coffee & Dine

Price $$

Now this place was a treat, I had a lot of fun trying different coffees and tasting different dishes. I will dive right in with the atmosphere and general feel of the place. So the name of this coffee house is GOODNEWS COFFEE so I was truly expecting some good news. GoodNews Coffee has been established since 2016 and the owners name is Dimas, a very friendly and accommodating owner. He owns two locations which are in Bali, Indonesia and Depok, Jakarta also in Indonesia just a different Island. This location has two floors and a prayer room as well, the prayer room is there because of the majority of the population is Muslim.

The theme is “news” so all on the walls there are large “mock” article clippings and phrases done in a very classy way, it was very cozy. We were greeted right away and were given menus to look through, and I have to say for a coffee house and eatery the menu was pretty extensive. There was so much to choose form I really didn’t know where to begin. I wanted to try their specialties so I asked what’s the best?

So when it came down to the food I tried Thier “Fish & Chips” on the menu it says Fish & Fries, but we can over look that. The first thing we received was “Mendoan” which is Tempe with a spicy sauce that is called “Ketchup” but its not the tomato kind. This is a sauce which is very sweet and is soy sauce, but much thicker and can be altered to be sweet and spicy. Overall I would have to say this dish was a great starter, which was followed up by the Fish & Fries. The type of fish filet was “Dory” and before you get all sad and start crying, no it wasn’t the Dory from “finding Nemo”. The fish itself was seasoned well and fried great with crunchy outside and a flaky inside. It came with fries and mix vegetables.

Next we had the Spicy Chicken Hit, and boy did it HIT!! now I can handle some spicy food and my wife can really handle spicy food she loves it, but this dish was even too hot for her. The sambal was too hot for comfort, even tho I understand that spicy food is a big thing in Indonesia there really has to be a limit. This Dish will make you cry home to your mama! The Sambal was a top of the chicken “Ayam Geprek” is the style of chicken used and served over rice. After, this explosion in our mouths we had one of my personal favorites called “Nasi Goreng” which translates to fried rice. The nasi goreng had been mixed with vegetables and pieces of chicken and it was so delicious I had to take some home.

For the grand finally we had “Ice Cream Toast” which is exactly what it was. Chocolate ice cream over toast with chocolate shavings. This was the perfect ending to a perfect night, and the Ice cream toast went perfect with Vietnam coffee. Both are sweet and the chocolate ice cream was perfectly in balance with the espresso with condensed milk. I will go over the Vietnam coffee in the coffees I talk about. So as for food, GoodNews Coffee has got you covered they even have combo

deals like one where you can choose either:

  • Black pepper
  • BBQ
  • Mushroom
  • Bolognese or
  • Teriyaki, all of this with a cool refreshing “Mocha Lemon”

All of the items on the menu are more than acceptable in price and I will look forward to going back there again soon.

Now as for coffee and tea the first thing I asked is if they have single origin coffee, unfortunately they do not, However this might not be the case for their Bali location. I visited the Depok, Greater Jakarta location being that was the area I live in. So they only use from what I can tell and was told 70% Arabica & 30% Robusta which is perfectly fine considering most coffee shops use this blend. For the first coffee I decided to go for the single espresso first to get a good idea of the type of beans were being used in this case it was Malabar & Garut

Taste: Being this was a blend I had many different taste running over my pallet,very mellow and earthy with a bit of tanginess

Acidity: very mild

Flavor: Overall flavor of this blend is nice they complement each other very well

Next coffee was one of there specialty coffees the “Affogato” this was a shot or two of espresso “same beans” with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I won’t go into the favor profile, because it is the same bean. I will say its perfect for a hot Indonesian day and you want something cool or for an after dinner drink.

After trying the Affogato I had one of the best Cappochino made by a very talented barista, this is where the barista gets a chance to show off a bit. The espresso was the same 70/30 Arabica & Malabar blend, but the foam is really what’s important with this drink. This cappochino had the best foam, it was dense with a beautiful swan design and I really enjoyed this particular drink.

The “Magic” was next, now I had to order this simply because of the name. I was intrigued as to what is was, come to find out it is a longer pour of espresso or a flat white and it is what they call it in Melborn, Australia. Essentially it had the same taste and profile as the cappuccino previously so I definitely liked it, I just was drawn in by the name “MAGIC”.

Finally for the last coffee I tried, this was the “Vietnam coffee” This is a slow drip, directly into the cup and can also be referred to as a “Vietnamese ice coffee” it can be hot or cold, mine was hot. This was the perfect coffee to end the meals and have with the “Ice cream toast” it was sublime.

I also tried an ice tea, unfortunately there was no specialty tea here, so I went for the “Lychee ice tea” this was a black tea served over ice with a lychee syrup and actual lychee on the bottom. I really enjoyed this tea, it wasn’t too sweet to where it became annoying and on a hot day or after eating really spicy food it felt good on my tongue. I would have it again.

So overall I think GoodNews Coffee in Depok, Indonesia is another one of those little hide-a-way locations that once you find it you will keep coming back for more. If you would like to follow GoodNews Coffee and Dine check out

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and if your are in the Jakarta area and would like to visit click HERE


Overall these are the three coffee locations I favor the most in Jakarta thus far, and if you are planning a trip to Indonesia I highly recommend trying any one of the three coffee houses listed above, you will not be disappointed. All three locations have a really chill vibe with excellent service and great coffee/ tea. If you would like to purchase any specialty coffee or single origin coffee be sure to go to my purchase menu or Click here to see what we have available. There are also personal and commercial Espresso machines for sale by Clicking here.





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