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I have learned many things in my life, but one thing I find the most amusing to me is the interaction you get when sitting with friends and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. I have traveled all the way from New York to Indonesia to bring you some of the best coffee houses I could find.

A little about me.

So I was raised in Miami, Fl in the 80s and later moved to New York City, and one thing I know is that New York’ers love their coffee. So I have been working in restaurants for most of my life, and rather than talking about where all the cool swanky restaurants are I rather seek out and find those special coffee houses that also serve food. I decided to do this not in the states, but rather in Indonesia. This is where you will find some of the best coffee’s in the world!

Why Indonesia? Well one main reason is Indonesia is where my wife is from and I figure what a great place to meet new people and find the best local Indonesian cafes. Besides talking about coffee and tea or the restaurants that serve them, I also, have a website devoted to traveling and having the Laptop Lifestyle that a lot of people want, but do not know how to obtain. You can check it out at www.worktonotwork.com to find out all about working from home or anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Another website I have is dealing with Electronics and reviews for them as well as technology and to go there just click the link at www.technologyandelectronic.com and you can find all the cool and latest cell phones or electronics to purchase and learn about.


Why Coffee & Tea?

Well it all started when I came to Indonesia, I didn’t know anyone other than my wife and a few of her friends. A few days after arriving my wife said that the neighbor across from me would like to treat me to a cup of coffee. I of course wasn’t too sure about this, especially with the language barrier, but I agreed to go. I met this young man by the name of Yudie and I come to find out he has all these coffee machines all over the house. So I said to him “you must be a repair man for these machines” and I was right he is, but not only is he a master when it comes to fixing these coffees machines he also knows a lot about coffee.

If you live in Indonesia and need service on your machine or would like to buy a machine locally here in Indonesia please visit www.serviamo.com owned by our friend M.Haykal Tarmizi CEO@Serviamo.com or call at +6281310101731 to schedule an appointment for repair.

He ended up making me a single origin coffee from “Gayo” and we bonded and formed a friendship all because of a cup of coffee, and it led me to learning more and more about the different beans and origins of this magical java. Coffee can bring two people together, two people that speak completely different languages and cultures. My Indonesian is not at the very least understandable and his English was way better than my Indonesian, but one thing we understood was coffee.

So you see through our friendship and love for coffee and tea, I decided to bring to you a coffee blog that explores the coolest, most hard to find, individual, and friendly coffee shops in Indonesia, and hopefully around the world in time. My wife and friend both know coffee shop owners and have introduced to me a few already and it seems to become more and more as the time goes by.

What I Want To Bring To The Table

What I would like to see through this website is the unity of people who all have a passion for coffee and Tea. Followed by the owners of the shops that grow and roast the coffee to the barista who serve it. I want to educate those that do not know what real coffee is, not that high priced “commercial” stuff that everyone is so addicted to.

What I would like to do is teach you about different beans for coffee, I also would be showcasing different coffee location and trying different coffees and teas that you normally do not find in your everyday typical coffee shop down the road. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Also, it would be cool to leave me your recommendations on new coffee or tea to try, and coffee locations in Indonesia! If you leave me a location in which I can travel to I will showcase it in my blog roll and give you a shout out!

Thank you for reading and being Awesome!

Aaron G.


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